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Please feel free to share your experience or ask questions in the “Leave a reply” box, the SCBKA committee will do their best to answer as quickly as possible.

3 thoughts on “Forum – Q&A”

    1. Dear Beekeepers,

      The association’s committee is considering buying honey jars in bulk for members. Could you please indicate if you are interested (quantity, types) either during our next meeting or through the website?


  1. Hi, I would appreciate advice please. About 3 weeks ago I noticed one of my hives had swarm queen cells. I felt they may have needed more space so I knocked them down and put a super on. The next week I checked and more swarm queen cells so I wanted to create an artificial swarm. Very frustratingly i couldn’t find the queen who is not marked. In the end I took about 5 frames including most of the queen cells and created a nuc in the current situation of the original hive (I checked multiple time and don’t believe the queen was there.) Then with the remainder of the frames (incl a couple of queen cells I created a second hive.
    Then I’ve left for two weeks. However typically its been cold and raining ever since I did it. today i was worried they’d be hungry so I did a very quick check. The frames look nearly empty with everything hatched. the nuc with the most queen cells has some pollen and lots of drones. The other hive doesn’t have many drones. Neither hive has any emergency queen cells. I’ve fed them fondant (as its’ so damp) but don’t know whether there’s anything else I can do except cross my fingers. Any advice gratefully received.


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