Intermediate’s Workshops

The South Cheshire Beekeeping Association will be running 4 Workshops to give beekeepers of 2-3 years experience a more detailed look at some of the more complicated aspects of Beekeeping.

All these will be booked on a first-come-first-served basis.

Swarm Control Workshop    March 23rd   2-5pm To be taken by Pete Sutcliffe.  Max no of students – 12, £15/person

Finding The Queen Workshop including marking and clipping the Queen.   June 8th  2-4pm  To be taken by Andrew Easterbrook. Max no of students – 12, £15/person.

Pollen Identification, Protein content, Bees methods of storage.  June 29th.  10am – 4pm.  To be taken by Graham Royle. Max no of students – 15, £20/person

Reclaiming Wax Workshop   July 13th   10am – 4pm   To be taken by Andrew Easterbrook.  Max no of students 12, £20/person

If you are interested in joining one of these workshops please contact Di Lyne at