Meetings and events

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at Bradwall village hall (see Find Us)

The start time for indoor meetings is 7:15pm for 7:30pm but apiary meetings start at the earlier time of 6:30pm – please bring protective clothing (i.e. veil & ankle protection or wellies etc.) for these.

At apiary meetings there are demonstrations for experienced beekeepers, but also a beginners’ corner doing more basic techniques.

For a full view of the Cheshire beekeeping association events, please consult the Cheshire-BKA website

South Cheshire Branch meetings – 2020

Jan. 2nd               7.30     AGM + “Ten minute talks”

Feb. 6th             7.30     John Whitaker: “The ethics of beekeeping”.

This talk by John Whitaker is based on his recent book “The ethics of beekeeping”. This takes us through various questions which all beekeepers are likely to be confronted by – Sould we try to prevent bees from swarming or let nature take its course? Should we treat for diseases? Should we take the bees’ honey away from them? Should we try to breed selectively? Should we import honeybees? Should a beekeeper wear gloves?! What are our responsibilities towards other beekeepers and towards the public at large? Should we even be keeping bees at all?
One factor among many: veganism is growing in popularity, and vegans are vehemently against honey and beekeeping. It may not be enough that you know what you think – if you are not prepared for other people’s arguments, they will win the debate.
So, a topical and essential subject for all beekeepers. See you all there!

Mar. 5th            7.30     Tony Parker: “Butterflies”

Mar 14th           CBKA Spring Convention

April 2nd          7.30     Graham Royle: “Skyscraper Beekeeping” (joint meeting with NSBKA)

May 7th            6.30     Apiary meeting. Graham Royle: Disease inspection and diagnosis.

Jun. 4th             6.30     Apiary meeting. Inspection routine, when to give extra space, swarm prevention, beginners’ corner.

July 2nd            6.30     Apiary meeting. Maximising the honey crop, finding & clipping the queen, beginners’ corner.

Aug. 6th            6.30    Apiary meeting. Clearing bees from supers, feeding and feeders, varroa treatments, beginners’ corner

Sep. 2nd            7.30    Clive & Shan Hudson: “Twelve years of treatment-free beekeeping – our experience” (Joint meeting with North Staffs BKA at Hanchurch Village Hall, ST5 4DG).

Sep. 3rd             6.30     Apiary meeting. Hefting, checking over winter, feeding fondant.

Oct. 1st              6.00     South Cheshire Branch Honey Show. Exhibits tabled 6.00 till 7.00. judging starts 7.00. Talk and demonstration of results 8.00.

Nov.5th            7.30     Dinah Sweet: Making Mead.

Dec. 3rd           7.30     Christmas Social