Getting Started

The best way of getting started is to talk to existing beekeepers, both those with many years experience and those who have taken up beekeeping recently. They will tell you their approach to beekeeping as well as outlining the problems you may encounter locally. They will also be able tell you the best local sources for equipment and supplies.

The South Cheshire Beekeeper’s Association holds meetings on the second Thursday of every month, (see the Meetings schedule) at Smallwood Village Hall in Autumn and Winter and at our Reaseheath Apiary in Spring and Summer. Anyone interested in Beekeeping is welcome.  These meetings give an opportunity to talk to many beekeepers, and gain really useful help in becoming a beekeeper.

If you wish to start reading around the subject the BBKA website has a section on getting started, however a local view may answer some of the more specific questions you may have.

South Cheshire Beekeepers also run a beginners course each January/February, followed by practical sessions through the summer, to enable newcomers to get started.  The dates for this course will be published towards the end of the year.

If you are interested in learning more about Beekeeping, and would like to have a chat with someone, please contact Isabel at, and she will help you to get started.