Meeting and Events

Our physical meetings are on hold until further notice. As you will be aware, we have lost access to Bradwall Village Hall and of course, the social distancing rules are still in place.

We would like however to offer opportunities to exchange on our beekeeping favourite subjects in this new environment.

We will continue with two types of remote meetings:

  • The South Cheshire Branch meetings

Since we are still unable to hold face-to-face meetings, we have decided to organise the next best thing – Branch meetings using Zoom (video conferencing).

The first, on August 6th, was judged a great success, so we are following this up with informal question and answer sessions on our regular meeting date – the first Thursday of each month. The next one will therefore be on Thursday 3rd September at 7.30 when we will be discussing the work of the Branch over the past few months, discussing what should be going on with the bees at the moment and answering any questions.

Register to Meetings:

From now on, you need to register for each of these meetings via the Cheshire Beekeepers website – On the home page, under “online meetings”, click on “Details of our online events are available HERE”. Then click on “log in here” to enter your membership ID. then scroll down to “Events” and click on “online events”.  

Register as a member:

To do all this, you will need to be registered as a member on the website, if you haven’t done so already. This is very easy, but it would be good to allow a day for this to go through before you try to register for the meeting – so do it now! 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. The joining link is unique to you and will work once the meeting organiser is ready.

If you are worried about not being able to use Zoom, please ask a question via the Contact page.

Our annual joint meeting with the North Staffs Beekeepers’ Association, hosted by them, takes place on Wednesday 2nd September starting at 7.20 for 7.30, also via Zoom. The speakers are Clive and Shan Hudson and the title is “12 years of treatment-free beekeeping”. Clive and Shan are reporting on their experiences with trying to breed honeybees that combat varroa without the need for chemical or pharmaceutical treatments. Again you can access the meeting from the Cheshire website in the same way. You will be sent a link which you can use on the evening of the talk. 

  • The Cheshire Beekeepers Talks

The speakers who were to give talks to the five Branches of CBKA have been asked to deliver their talks via Zoom to the whole County. We have put together a programme of talks at roughly two-week intervals. Full details of all these talks are on the Cheshire BKA website and you need to register in the same way (see above).

Cheshire Beekeepers Programme for 2020

August  12 by Lesley: The marvellous world of the honeybee – Complete

Aug 27 by David Buckley: Preparation for winter – Complete

Tue Sep 8 Graham Royle Skyscraper Beekeeping – Complete

Mon Sep 21 Stuart Hatton garden planting for bees – Complete

Wed October 7 Celia Davis Plants and honeybee nutrition – Complete

Mon October 19 Bob Beards Queens for pennies

Mon November 9 Keith Bartlem Monarchy or Republic? The politics of the hive

Tue November 24th Pam Hatton Wax processing

Thur 17 Dec Karl Colyer The National Bee Improvement Plan – and your beekeeping.

12 Jan Mark Philipson Queen rearing with mininucs