Meeting highlights – Dec18

Christmas social

Everyone gathered for the traditional get together with mouth-watering deserts in their hands and reindeer antlers on their heads.

The evening was set up in tables of 6 to better get to know each other or catch up… on bees or other topics.

We all enjoyed the buffet (not much was left behind for the traditional auction) followed by a fun, challenging quiz prepared by Peter to determine who among us were the most clued up about singers, the weight of a peanut M&Ms, foreign languages and of course bees.

Sydney had fun as usual auctioning out the valuable left-overs and the raffle concluded the evening.

We noticed this year that mostly regulars attended and we hope that new members can feel at ease next year to join us all for a fun evening.

Any suggestion or feedback on how the evening is run and what could make it an even more enjoyable event are all welcome, please use the Contact form or talk to any member of the committee at one of our next meetings.

Have a lovely Christmas and see you all in the New Year for our first meeting of the year: AGM and Beekeepers Question Time.

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