South Cheshire Honey Show 2021

By Alan Smith, Show Manager

The South Cheshire Honey Show this year (2021) is scheduled for October 14th 2021 at Smallwood Village Hall CW11 2UR.

This is our friendly local show and is free to enter, and is a great way to enjoy your beekeeping. It feels very exciting when you put your entry on the showbench with the others! Many of you won’t have entered before and this is just the place to start.
The Schedule which lists the classes and details for entry can be downloaded here and will be posted to South Cheshire members too, to make sure everyone has a copy. There are hints and tips for producing that show-winning entry, but if you’re pleased with what you and the bees have made, then it’s good enough to enter in the Show. We supply most of the things you will need, so if you need equipment such as a frame display case, or even standard bottles, caps or jars, let me know and I’ll do my best to sort it out for you. I’ll also try to advise if you have problems preparing entries, so drop me an email if you need to.You can try out making entries for many of the classes, even if you don’t intend to show them this year. Wax craft, mead, art and confectionery classes can all be tried and if you turn out a great picture, mead or candles, then change your mind and enter it, you might win a prize! Bring along a jar of your honey, or a sample of your mead, for people to taste on the night, and have a great evening at the Show!

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